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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers to them)

Over the years, we at Pilton House Gower have been asked all sorts of questions about “How to Book” our Cottage, what is available locally by way of Shops, Beaches, Places to Eat or Drink (and both!) and then, after booking, what to do about “Recycling”, How certain items work, what are the Tide Times, where Horses can be ridden to Explore Gower, etc, plus what should be done before Guests leave at the end of their stay.

As there are so many questions that could or might be asked, we felt that rather than bung up this page with them all, it would be best to include the most important ones below (under each of the headings), but then to provide lots more answers to questions we and others' have been asked, and put those into a separate pdf file, which is accessible here.

Hopefully this section of our website will provide the details you need to know in order to Book your stay with us, although should you have any questions we haven’t answered - either on this page or within the pdf file - then please do ask (our Contact Form is at the bottom of this page).


How do I know Pilton House Gower is genuine?

A good question to ask! We have been trading as Pilton House Gower, at the address stated on all of our paperwork since September 2012. Over the years we have been promoted by our Local Council Authority (City and County of Swansea, UK), we have been a Member of Tourism Swansea Bay and have won Awards for both being the Best Dog-friendly Tourism Business (2017) and for Pilton House Gower itself. We have advertised and promoted by various magazines (Welsh Country, Wales Coast and Wales Border), have been promoted in the past by Home from Home (Mumbles), i-know uk, and TripAdvisor, whilst in more recent years we have also been promoted by Airbnb and VRBO, as well as by several smaller, more independent dog-friendly websites, plus of course, we have 10years of reviews from very happy and contented Guests, many of whom have become friends over the years.

(The older the date, the more you can be sure the cottage is genuine as it only takes a few weeks, i.e. until the first ‘scammed’ guests arrive, for the scam itself to be exposed. That doesn’t mean that all cottages who are recent newcomers to the internet are suspect. The next safety check is a website link. As you know, website owners are more easily trackable (which scammers don’t like). They also take a lot of time and a fair amount of money to create, which makes them far less appealing to those looking to make a fast and naughty buck. If in doubt visit the website and check its owners. If you are still concerned, we would be more than happy to provide you with business references to check us out)

Have you received any reviews about Pilton House Gower?

Yes, lots over the years, as we have been open since 2012, We will be adding reviews to this website as soon as possible, but should you want to see some recent ones on our Airbnb site, please take a look here

How do I know if Pilton House Gower is available?

On most pages of our website we display an availability calendar which is kept up to date, although please use these as a guide rather than rely upon it, as we are also listed on several other websites, which could mean that the calendars may not show all the latest bookings. Some calendars are the one displayed on an owner’s own website. These tend to be fully up to date as every time the owner updates their calendar, it is automatically updated on My Favourite Holiday Cottages. Some calendars will even give you the option to book online using the calendar. If you cannot see a calendar, click the button to visit a property’s own website to check out availability there. Finally, you can contact an owner direct by phoning or e-mailing them. The phone number will be on the main listing together with an Enquiry Button that will open a self-addressed e-mail for you to add your request for information and availability.

Has Pilton House Gower been accredited?

In the past, Yes, by Visit Wales (when we were 4-star Rated), although we were 4 GOLD Star rated by the AA (Automobile Association) in 2020 and are currently waiting for our 2022/2023 accredited rating. 

Is Pilton House Gower suitable for those with mobility issues or disability issues? / Is it accessible to people with disabilities? / Is the cottage “Wheelchair Friendly”? / Do you cater for specific accessibility needs?

Although we have “bundled” the questions together. We will answer each aspect here. First and foremost “Mobility” issues tend to include people who might have difficulty in using stairs, or get around on their own, whereas “Disability” issues can mean anyone who cannot properly hear, see, talk, or walk, or have other health issues that can render individuals incapable of doing certain jobs, activities etc, yet not to the extent that bed bound or wheelchair bound individuals might. Having said that, it would be true to say that Pilton House Gower, being definitely NOT suitable for anyone not able to use stairs without assistance, as not only are there two staircases within the property, but there is a flight of Stone Steps from the external pavement to the front door, that is neither suitable for wheelchair users, nor for anyone else with mobility issues.

On the other hand, should anyone have disabilities that include hearing loss, sight problems, speech difficulties, can walk up and/or down stairs with the aid of a walking stick, or they have other health issues that wouldn’t render the use of stairs impossible to use, we would recommend you view and read our Accessibility Statement, as that goes into great details everything about our property.

I understand that Pilton House Gower is “Baby-Friendly” so what do you provide for them?

For babies who stay, we have available a Mothercare Travel Cot (suitable for infants aged up to approximately 3 years or 15kgs), a Wooden adjustable Highchair, Baby/toddler Plates, Bowls, Cups and Cutlery, as well as stairgates for both staircases for safety purposes. If further details are required please get in touch with us using our Contact Us form at the bottom of this page. Please note: babies who are not suitable for the travel cots will be included in occupancy limits.

What is provided for Toddlers?

A Toddler Bed with a mattress is available on request. We also provide stairgates for both staircases for safety purposes. Please note: Children who are not suitable for the Toddler Bed will be included in occupancy limits.

Can I bring an extra baby/infant?

In reality, although there is space available to set up 1 Cot and 1 Toddler Bed in the Front Bedroom (only), we would suggest that unless an extra baby means 2 babies(and no toddler) in the front bedroom, there might not be a lot of ‘spare’ space in that room (especially when taking into consideration the need for a changing-station etc) Should you wish to bring 2 babies therefore, we would ask that we are contacted first, before you make a booking We would also wish to state that we only have the one Travel Cot, so we would ask you to bring your own cot. 

Why do you need the names of our guests and ages of our children?

We ask for the names and ages of all of your guests (including those of children and babies) in order for us to know who to expect for safety and insurance reasons, and also to comply with Government regulations. This is the same reason we need to know in advance if you would like to have people visit you at Pilton House Gower

Is it correct that Pilton House Gower is Dog-Friendly?

Pilton House Gower is an Award-winning Dog friendly cottage, although please be aware that we can only welcome a maximum of 3 dogs, each weighing up to 30kg (maximum; = approximately a Labrador), and that we make a charge of £30** per stay for up to 3 (in total) dogs. We respectfully ask, however, that when you are either enquiring or making a booking, we do need to be advised not only the Breed of Dog(s) that will be staying, but also their individual weights, whether they are fully house-trained, and also whether they are well-behaved, Should you have any dog(s) outside of those parameters, we would respectfully ask that you contact us before making a booking, as in certain instances, we might be able to waive some of our Conditions, although our charge might increase depending on the size and weight of the dog(s) you would be bringing (e.g. very large dogs). Re; ** Our small charge for up to 3 dogs per booking is to cover the additional cleaning time required to remove dog hairs etc. For more details relating to Dogs who stay, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Please Note that we do not provide any Dog Towels, so please bring your own, and also, please note that we do not accept or allow any other type of pet(s) of any size to stay.

Can I leave my dog in the cottage while I go out?

Unfortunately, No!

Due to various reasons (including Insurance) we are unable to allow any dogs to be left alone in the cottage, even for a short time. There are several excellent dog-sitters in the local area who we can put you in touch with if you'd like to enjoy a day or evening out without your best friend!

Are there any guidelines when bringing a dog?

Your Dog Friendly Holiday Checklist

· Visit the vet before you go

· Make sure your dog is microchipped

· Double check your accommodation is really 100% dog friendly

· Research dog sitters in your holiday location (we provide details in our Welcome Pack)

· Identify vets in the area (we provide details in our Welcome Pack)

· Pack all your dog essentials

· Familiarise yourself with dog related local laws (we provide details in our Welcome Pack)

· Bring Towels for your Dog(s) (We provide Dog Bowl(s), and a roll of Dog Poo Bags for your use)


Is WiFi available at the Cottage? / Will I get a good internet connection and mobile phone signal?

Yes, Pilton House Gower has WiFi. Although, as our cottage has 3 storeys, its speed does vary from level to level. The best speed achievable is in the Living-Dining room – which also is where the router is located – and in that room - speeds of 500Mbps upwards are often achieved. Please note however that such good speeds are more likely to there not being any properties or anything else to deflect the signal between the Cabinet (diagonally opposite our property) and our Living -Dining Room.

Should anything external to Pilton House Gower be the cause of any full outage (i.e. be beyond our control) we should point out that we are unable to provide any compensation.


Because of where Pilton House Gower is located, the quality of mobile phone coverage varies depending on your provider. The Vodafone network coverage tends to be best, although Tesco’s network is also good, both providing at least a good 3G signal. Should you not be able to make telephone calls via an internet connection, then our free WiFi should be fast enough. 

Do I need a car to stay at Pilton House Gower?

In theory, if your holiday/stay is primarily going to be at the cottage, with walks being taken in the local area, then there isn’t really much need for a car. Similarly, as there is a Bus Stop within 5metres (15ft approximately) from the back gate of our cottage, and as the Bus takes one to Mumbles, and then to Swansea (from where many buses to all parts of the County and beyond can be joined) it is possible to explore a much wider area – all being dependant upon how frequent buses are to various places. For further details should this be of interest to you, please have a look at


I am travelling to the cottage by car; is parking available on site?

Due to our cottage being in an old Village, very few properties have anywhere to park on driveways, which means that only on street parking is available, although usually this doesn't


In view of parking not being available on site, where will we be able to park our car?

Pilton House Gower is most fortunate to have so many free, unrestricted by time, places to park one’s car, they being opposite the cottage alongside a wall, or on the other side of that wall (on a hill), or in Nottage Road (where our cottage is located), or a little bit further up the road, on Newton Road, and spaces are generally available throughout the year (even during the popular summer months).

The only time that parking can - sometimes – be more difficult, is on a Sunday morning, when various Sports are being played in nearby Underhill Park, although that is only in the morning (and previous Guests haven’t been concerned about that, as they had parked the evening before), whilst should they then go out anywhere that day, there is always a space to park by the time they return)

We do have a map, highlighting the cottage, with details as to possible places to park, a copy of which is available to view, here

How many does your property sleep?

Our accommodation sleeps from 1 guest up to 4 (plus a baby) – perfect for romantic get away’s or family get togethers!

Is there a maximum number of guests the cottage can accept?

Yes; a maximum of 4 Adults, although dependant upon their age and size, we are also able to accommodate 1 (one) Baby and 1 (one) Toddler, as they would be in a Cot or Toddler bed (q.v. “BABIES” and/or “TODDLERS” above)


Can we invite or Can our friends or family come to stay? / Can I bring an extra infant?

Should you wish to bring additional guests over the number indicated to us at the time of booking, then we do ask you to provide us with full guest details, at least 7 days before your stay. Should you want others to stay at Pilton House Gower with you, you will have to Contact us with details before we accept your Booking. If the Total number of Guests exceeds the aforementioned Maximum, then – except in extenuating circumstances - we will have to regrettably not be able to accept a booking.

The only exceptions to the above being that if you, as the Lead Guest, brought your own Cot (suitable for infants aged up to approximately 3 years or 15kgs), that would be acceptable, although you will still have to Contact us with details before we accept your Booking, whilst If you were looking to have “day guests” visit you at the holiday cottage, we would ask that you Contact us first to ask. 

Is Smoking and /or Vaping allowed inside or outside the cottage?

Both Smoking and Vaping is NOT allowed or permitted anywhere within any part of our property including within our Courtyard Garden or within its Studio building.

Are towels supplied at Pilton House Gower? / Do you provide Towels and Bedding?

Yes! And we provide Towels for the number of Guests/Beds stated as being required within your Booking;

For the King-size bed (Front Bedroom), we provide;-

· 1 Bath Towel and 1 Hand Towel per Guest who is staying in that room

Whilst for the 2 x Single-size beds (Back bedroom), we provide (dependant upon whether Guests’ will be staying in that room);-

· 1 Bath Towel and 1 Hand Towel per Guest (per Bed) who is staying in that room

Please note that when & where towels are provided, they are only for use in the house (i.e. indoor use only). You should always bring your own beach towels (q.v. Should we bring our own linen and towels?), so you will need to not only bring them, but if you are bringing any dogs with you, you will also have to bring your own dog towels as well.

(Please also note that besides the Bath Towels and Hand Towels that will be placed on the beds, we do also provide one Hand Towel in the Kitchen, and 1 Hand Towel in the Shower-room, whilst we also provide 2 Tea Towels in the Kitchen for your use).


Is all Bedding provided?

Yes! and we provide Bedding for the number of Guests/Beds stated as being required within your Booking;

For the King-size bed (Front Bedroom), we provide;-

· I King-size Orthopaedic Mattress c/w Mattress Protector and 1 x King-size Comforter

· 1 x King-size Fitted Sheet

· 1 x King-size Duvet c/w Duvet Protector and 1 x King-size Duvet Cover

· 4 x Pillows, c/w 4 Pillowcases (2 x Housewife + 2 x Oxford), + 4 Pillow-protectors

Whilst for the 2 x Single-size beds (Back bedroom), we provide (dependant upon whether Guests’ will be staying in that room);-

· 2 x Single-size Orthopaedic Mattresses c/w Mattress Protectors and 2 x Single -size Comforters

· 2 x Single -size Fitted Sheets

· 2 x Single -size Duvet c/w Duvet Protectors and 2 x Single -size Duvet Covers

· 2 x Pillows, c/w 2 Pillowcases (1 x Housewife + 1 x Oxford), + 2 Pillow-protectors (per Bed)


Should we bring our own linen and towels?

We do ask that you bring your own towels if you are intending to go to the beach, and also bring your own as if you are bringing one or more dogs.

Places to SHOP, Places to EAT, Places to DRINK

Where are the nearest Places to Drink? / Nearest Places to Eat? (Restaurants or Takeaways)

Included on our website you will find an Eating & Drinking tab, on which you should find all the information you need about Local as well as about Mumbles Shops etc, from C to P - Cafes to Local Butchers to Pub Grub!


Where are the nearest shops?

In Newton village, we are lucky to have two excellent shops, one being a Family Butcher (Woollacott), whilst the other is Newton News.

Besides being a Butchers, Woollacott’s also sell a range of Groceries and Greengroceries, whilst they also sell a range of frozen food, fresh Bread, Milk, Butter, Household items, BBQ charcoal etc, Ice-Cream and a small amount of Wine.

Newton News = originally a Newspaper shop – has evolved over the years to sell a good range of Groceries, Chilled products (Cheeses, Yoghurts, Milk, Butters, Juice, Sandwiches), fresh Bread, Ice-Cream, a larger range of Wines and chilled drinks, Birthday and other Cards, Household items, whilst besides the expected range of Newspapers and Magazines, they also are the local venue to buy one’s Lottery Ticket or Scratch card!


Where are the nearest Supermarkets?

If you would like us to arrange a welcome pack of groceries and essentials for your first meal and/or breakfast, then we can arrange for this to be delivered to your cottage before you arrive, and cold items to be stored in the fridge ready for your arrival. You will be able to see what's available and to add any you'd like to your booking.


Can we have groceries delivered to Pilton House Gower?

Yes, of course! Most large supermarkets, as well as a few local Stores/Shops in Mumbles, deliver Food and/or Drink to our cottage, and you are more than welcome to arrange for a local supermarket to deliver your requirements

When placing your order for what you require, please use the full address – including its name - for our cottage (as provided on the booking confirmation we send to you), but also please make sure that your delivery is ordered for delivery for a time when you are certain to be in the cottage. (N.B. please also make certain to include your mobile number when ordering).

Please note, we cannot be held responsible for any deliveries (including items delivered to neighbours) made or not made in your absence


If you would like us to arrange a welcome pack of groceries and essentials for your first meal and/or breakfast, then we can arrange for this to be delivered to your cottage before you arrive, and cold items to be stored in the fridge ready for your arrival. Should this be of interest to you, please Contact us, and we will send details to you of what's available, and from whom, so that you can let us know what you would like to add to your booking.

Can I arrange other deliveries?

You are more than welcome to arrange for Drinks, Takeaways, and other products for delivery to Pilton House Gower. When placing your order for what you require, please use the full address – including its name - for our cottage (as provided on the booking confirmation we send to you), but also please make sure that your delivery is ordered for delivery for a time when you are certain to be in the cottage. (N.B. please also make certain to include your mobile number when ordering).

Please note, we cannot be held responsible for any deliveries (including items delivered to neighbours) made or not made in your absence



When do I get the information as regards our arrival and where to access the keys?

After we receive the full balance of the payment, and about a week before your stay, we will send you an email which will include information about how to find Pilton House Gower, what to do on your arrival and how to access the keys for your stay; the ‘Further Information’ will be sent to you by email and will contain all the information that you need, which will include;-

The Full address of Pilton House Gower

Directions for how to get to our cottage (the things your SatNav and Google won't be able to tell you)

How to access the property

Check-in and Check-out times

Recommendations of local places to eat

Contact details for the property owner/Hosts

What is your Check-in Time? (inc. What time will I be able to get into Pilton House Gower?)

You're welcome to arrive and gain access to Pilton House Gower at any time from 5pm onwards (Normal Check in being not before 5pm), and - if asked in advance - we might be able to meet you at our cottage at an agreed arrival time to greet you and show you around. Should you prefer, however, we would provide you with a keysafe code so that you can arrive at a time of your choosing, as long as it is at or after 5pm (i.e. the specified earliest arrival time).

Should, however, on the day of your arrival you had arranged to meet us at the cottage, but then due to traffic or circumstances beyond your control it transpires you won’t be able to arrive at or before 5:30pm, we would be grateful for you to let us know – by phone or text please – so that we will be able to leave the keys for you in our Keysafe.


We respectfully request that when making your Booking you check and note the specific times for Arrivals (5pm or afterwards) and Departures (11am or before), as should you arrive early at our cottage on your specified day and date of Arrival, you will have to bear in mind that you will not be admitted to our cottage if the process of cleaning and preparing the cottage for you has not been completed


Should it be that we don’t have a booking preceding yours, it might be possible - provided you Contact us - not more than or less than 7 days before your due arrival day and date - to arrange an earlier check-in time for you, although that would be entirely dependant upon a) no Booking for the previous week to your own stay having been made to negate the possibility of an earlier arrival for you, and b) when our Cleaners’ finished everything to do with the previous Changeover. We would however try to let you know as quickly as possible should the feasibility of an earlier Check-in time not be possible on your day of arrival. Please note, that should it be that an earlier time of arrival be offered, and then at a later date that another booking be taken that would obviate the offer, we cannot be held responsible for any deviation from the Normal Check in being not before 5pm


How do I collect the keys to the cottage?

We leave the required key in a Keysafe outside our cottage. You will be sent the code for your lock box approximately an hour before your arrival. This is usually sent by text to the lead booker's mobile


If we arrive a day later than our booking, do we still have to pay the full amount?

In short, yes, you do. Our property will have been held in good faith for you in accordance with the Booking Contract and made ready for your arrival at the agreed time. If you change your plans, then you shouldn't expect the owner to be out of pocket as a result.

Can we arrive/depart on any day of the week?

I saw this question on another website, and thought “I’d better include that on here just in case anyone asks”, if only because one answer would be YES, but another answer would be NO, Definitely NOT! The problem with the question being that its far too ambiguous, whereas if the question was reworded to “Can I BOOK to arrive and to depart on specific days of the week?



What is your Check-Out Time?

Allowing you enough time to ensure you have removed all of your belongings before 11am and vacated the Pilton House Gower by 11am at the latest, so that our Cleaners’ will have sufficient time to prepare for the next guests, we would further add that “Normal Check out” has to have been effected by 11am at the latest. Although we are not able to guarantee the following, we might be able - dependant upon when our Cleaners are able to attend our cottage for the changeover - to allow a late check-out. Where and when extra pressure would be put upon our Cleaners to complete their work, a late check out may be available, but for an added cost. Before assuming anything however, please Contact us (not more than or less than 7 days before your due departure day and date) to find out the possibility or not of being able to have a late check-out. Thank you.


How do you want me to leave the keys to the cottage?

We will be most grateful at the end of your stay for you to leave the key to the cottage in the Keysafe, using the code provided to you for your arrival, and ensuring that the Keysafe is properly closed, the numbers “scrambled” by use of the slider on the front of the keypad, and that the keysafe lid is completely closed.


If we depart a day earlier than our booking, do we still have to pay the full amount?

In short, yes, you do. Our property will have been held in good faith for you in accordance with the Booking Contract. If you change your plans, then you shouldn't expect the owner to be out of pocket as a result.

How far in advance should we book?

We recommend booking as soon as you can – although we will post any late availability/cancellations on our Social Media (Facebook and Instagram in particular). To get the dates you would like, you have to be quick!

What is the shortest stay you allow to be booked?

Do you have a minimum night stay?

Yes! Three (3) nights are the absolute minimum, although the arrivals can begin on any day of the week except a Saturday (we can do a Saturday now!!!)

Do you accept short breaks?

Yes we do, and for us, we tend to think of “short” as being for 3, 4 or 5 nights, although we would always accept a 6night booking as well as anything longer, so once you access our Calendar, and then click on the dates required, our rates for that number of nights will be disclosed (Should you wish to check our rates for an even longer stay, then please just recheck using a different departure day/date).

Whilst some properties may not offer short breaks during popular times such as school holidays, we might – dependant upon what’s available - be able to accept a last-minute bookins. Please note that the price for, say, a 3-night booking won't be 3/7ths of the weekly rate. This is because there are fixed costs incurred whether you are staying for 2 nights or a full week. Typically, a 3-night short break is usually about 75% of the weekly rate, although this can vary.

For how long can the cottage be booked?

What are the longest number of nights we can stay

Normally, the longest stay would be for 14 nights, although please also refer to the next question

Would you accept a booking if I wanted to stay for say 21 nights? / or Can I book your cottage for more than two weeks?

Sometimes, yes, although before making any booking, please check your requirements with us, first! - on 07904 374696. Our 2 bedroom cottage is perfect for short lets of up to 21 days, but also up to a maximum of 28 days at a time. It is fully furnished and all reasonable bills are included in the rental price, so it's a great option if you're looking to stay in the area for work; or while your own home is undergoing renovations; or between house moves. We should point out however, that 28 (twenty-eight) days are the absolute maximum we are able to provide “in one go” as in excess of that constitutes a long term rental, for which we are not registered. During peak periods, you are unlikely to get a discount for bookings longer than two weeks, but you would still get a weekly clean, fresh towels and bed linen.

Can I stay at Pilton House Gower over Christmas and New Year?

Yes! Pilton House Gower is centrally heated and double glazed, and makes a wonderful cosy base over Christmas and New Year. Because it's a very popular time of year for holiday lettings, you will only be able to book for a minimum of 7 nights over the Christmas/New Year period.

Best Property for a Romantic Getaway?

We really love Pilton House Gower for a romantic getaway! Sleeps 2, has .................... and also a cosy log burner!

Can you reserve the cottage for me whilst I decide?

We will happily make a provisional booking for a holiday cottage for up to 24 hours to give you time to decide, or to talk to any other guests. Please be aware that we can only do this for you once, and the reservation will expire after 24 hours if the booking is not confirmed within this time

Can I provisionally book a holiday cottage and pay later?

Most owners will try and be helpful land agree a period of time in which to pay your deposit. However, if you are booking at the last minute, this may only be for a few hours!

How do I book?

How do I book and pay for my holiday cottage?

Payment options will vary, so check with the owner before booking or visit the booking page on a property's own website for further information. These days, most properties can be paid for by bank transfer with other options, including card payments, PayPal and by cheque. If you are booking from overseas and paying by international bank transfer, then make allowances to pay this option's cost


What do we provide for your stay at Pilton House Gower? / What can I expect from Pilton House Gower?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our holiday home. The very concept of the home is based on what we would expect in accommodation for a special short break. Our holiday home is all about comfort and style.

In terms of equipment etc, our holiday home is well equipped to allow you a peaceful and enjoyable stay and much more. We provide Bedding and Towels, and the beds will have already been made up ready for your arrival, with everything else already in place for your use.

Due to specific Covid-19 regulations placed on us since 2020 and the outbreak of the pandemic, we’ve had to make some changes to the way we operate, although we have worked around them to ensure Pilton House Gower will remain high on everyone’s list of places to stay.

We have, however, listed many of the items you’ll find in each room, as we hope and trust that knowing what we already have, will save you having to bring anything with you!

Although not necessarily in the order one would normally expect, the following looks at each room from the Bedrooms downwards, highlighting the main items of furniture and anything we believe you would wish to know.



King size bed with Duvet, Fitted Sheet, 4 Pillows, Comforter, all with Protectors; Bed cabinet either side of bed, on each a table-lamp

Large late-Edwardian Wardrobe, ditto Lowboy, ditto Dressing Table with Oval Mirror, on which is a DAB Radio.

Victorian Fireplace and Surround ; Victorian Piano stool (seat); Wooden farmhouse-style chair; Wall-mounted Radiator

Wall Mirror; Framed prints of the area, Art by SaltyAir&Co, Rugs, Ceiling Light Fitting. Two Windows – one of which has a sea and hills view.


2 x Single size beds, each with a Single Duvet, Fitted Sheet, 2 Pillows, Comforter, all with Protectors; Rustic Chair between the beds, on which is a DAB Radio

Large Pine 3-door Wardrobe with drawers, ditto Chest of (5) Drawers, 1 table lamp, 1 mirror on stand, Wall-mounted Radiator

Victorian Fireplace and Surround, Wall Mirror; Framed print of the area,

2 Wall lights each having a reading lamp, Ceiling Light Fitting. One Window – has a view of Newton Village, Carpet


Framed prints of the area, 2 x Floor lamps (1930s Theatre style), One Window (with a framed stained-glass insert hanging on it), Ceiling Light Fitting, Baby/Dog Gate, and Carpet.


Front door, leading into Inner Lobby with encaustic tiled floor and Coconut Fibre door mat, enclosed Electricity Meter, and Consumer Unit, a Wall mounted Coat-Rack with Clock, a 3-lamp Ceiling Light fitting, and a half-glazed inner door leading into the main Hallway with its encaustic tiled floor, large inset Coconut Fibre door mat, Wall Mirror over a Wall-mounted Radiator, framed Pictures, Emergency Light (Ceiling Mounted), Smoke Detector (Ceiling mounted), Wall mounted Thermostat doe Gas Central Heating, and small door to under the stairs; larger door leading into the Utility Room within which is a Washing machine, Miele Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner and tools, various Brushes, Container of Capsules for Washing Machine, a small wall-mounted Electric Heater, various Cleaning Materials, small Step Ladder, Child’s Highchair, Baby Gate and a Boot tray


Our Kitchen has within it a Gas & Electric Range Cooker with Cooker Hood above it, a Microwave, 4-slice Electric Toaster, Electric Kettle, a Cafetierre, a range of Stainless Steel Pots and Pans, Pyrex Dishes and Bowls, a Refrigerator, a Freezer, a Dishwasher, a wine/bottle rack, Crockery (6 of each), Cutlery (6 of each), a hand Blender, Glass Jugs, a Teapot and 4 Mugs, various Trays and Stands, a Wall-mounted Radiator, and it also has just about every kitchen utensil that could be needed – and there’s more besides to discover! Lighting is by a single Ceiling-mounted Pendant Light fitting within which is a “27W” Golden White LED lamp (equivalent output of a 270watts incandescent lamp), controlled by an adjustable On-Off LED Dimmer Switch

Also in the Kitchen a bottle of milk and tea bags will await your arrival, plus in one of the wall cabinets, for use during your stay, we also leave a bottle of olive oil, plus salt & pepper grinders.

For use during your stay, we also provide 7 x washing-machine tablets, 7 x dishwasher tablets, 2 dishcloths, 2 types of scourer, various recycling and rubbish sacks, 2 x Toilet rolls, 1 Kitchen Roll, and 2 x tea towels


As will be noted, this room does not include a Bath, but rather has a very large rectangular Shower cabinet, within which is a Shower Tower, it having an overhead Shower Head (head and spray pattern), 6 adjustable body jets, and 1 adjustable Shower Head on a long flexible hose (the hose is usually hidden within the Shower Tower’s carcase, and can be fed back into it after being used). The room also includes a wall-mounted (hung) hand-wash-basin served by a swivel-head Spout with cross-head Taps (under the unit are two soft-close drawers), a wall-mounted Towel Radiator, a flush Wall-fan with humidistat control, a Shaver Point, a Shaving/Make-up Mirror on an adjustable arm, a Stainless Steel Floor Cabinet on wheels, 2 Clothes Hooks (behind the pine Door), and a W.C. with soft-close lid. The Floor and all Walls are Tiled


Adjacent to the Kitchen (there’s a through “archway” between the two rooms) this area – new for 2022 - contains a 2-seater settee, 2 single upholstered chairs, a pine coffee table, 2 floor-standing cabinets (housing several Board Games and Jigsaw puzzles), a Woodburner (currently out of commission, but we’re working on that!) a Wall-mounted vertical Radiator, 2 table lamps, and a large window overlooking part of the Village, whilst Lighting is by a single Ceiling-mounted Pendant Light fitting within which is a “27W” Golden White LED lamp (equivalent output of a 270watts incandescent lamp), controlled by an adjustable On-Off LED Dimmer Switch (on the same bank of switches is an On-Off switch for the wall-mounted Light fitting that is at the bottom of the Staircase that leads from the Snug, down into our – also new for 2022 – Living-Dining room


Rectangular-shaped, walled garden mostly laid to shingle with Edwardian-style cross-hatched slabs (coloured grey) around part of the perimeter, and on the patio. Of the walled area, one wall is the back of the cottage, one is the boundary between us and next door, the third has a gate within it, and is the garden’s back wall, whilst most of the 4th side is the Studio, tagged onto which is the rest of that side of the garden adjacent to the Patio. Within the garden is a Rattan Sofa and 2 Armchairs, together with a Rattan and smoked glass coffee table, whilst on the Patio is a glass-topped (dining) table with 4 chairs. The Studio as mentioned is a lockable storage area for the Garden Umbrellas, as well as for a Gazebo, and the cushions for the sofa and armchairs, and can also be used for the storage of Bicycles, Surfboards, Golfing equipment etc (the Studio also has a sink, a water-heater, lighting, a Kettle BBQ and tools, plus bicycle equipment, and a few garden tools – including a rake for smoothing the gravel. Hanging from the “ceiling” is a ”Sheila’s Maid” for drying clothes.


Newly created in early 2022, is our Living-Dining room, with wall lights, Laminate Flooring, Underfloor Heating, an Art Deco Piano, a Pembroke (drop-leaf) table, a nest of tables, a Pine TV cabinet, an early-c20 Pine Dresser, the top of which is affixed to one wall, its base standing elsewhere in the room, a 32” HDTV and Blu-ray/DVD Player, the WiFi Router, 2 Wall-mounted Radiators, a 2-3 seater Settee and a wide Love-seat, plus an extendable Dining Table with 6 dining-chairs.

Cyclists friendly; Walker friendly; Golfer friendly; Family friendly; Dog friendly.

                                                                                                  Amenities & Essentials

Cleaning products

Cooking basics

Dedicated workspace

Dishes and silverware

Hair dryers




Washing machine


Hot water

Bed linen

Clothes storage

Clothes drying rack

Extra pillows and throws (On Request)



Books and reading material

Baby safety gates

Board games

Children’s tableware

High chair

Travel cot

Portable fans

Carbon monoxide alarms

Fire extinguisher

First aid kit

Smoke alarms

Baking sheet

Barbecue utensils



Dining table









Wine glasses

Private entrance

Courtyard Garden

BBQ grill

Outdoor dining area

Outdoor furniture

Patio or balcony

Free on-street parking


Details being updated, but in the meantime, please contact us via the Contact us facility below


Details being updated, but in the meantime, please contact us via the Contact us facility below

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