where "it's all about the Quality!"

Dog & Family Friendly Exceptional Gower Seaside Cottage -

Close to Sandy Beaches.

We are two friends, each having a great love of South and South-West Wales, but particularly of the Gower Peninsula, where - through letting our Holiday Cottage (Pilton House Gower) - we hope you too will discover everything that Gower has to offer, and why the area invites those who've stayed once, to return, time and time again!

Both originally from England, we discovered - too late - why the area is said to be the "deathbed of ambition" as we - as so many before us, together with more recent arrivals - have come to live and work in the area, stayed longer, and then - because of everything that's on all of our doorsteps - we've all never moved away!

Despite our now being part of the local scenery, we also share artistic backgrounds and enjoy sport, with a common interest in walking, riding, sea swimming, rowing, playing tennis/table tennis - and watching Rugby - which means that we are always happy to share our knowledge of the area. We also enjoy a wide range of food and drink, which means that we are able to provide good tips and advice on the wide range of food from all Nations available in and around the area, for when you're away from your own home.

Although our cottage has been welcoming Guests since 2012, it was only in 2019 - the year before Covid-19 first raised its head - that we began using Airbnb, whilst in 2022, we began listing on VRBO as well, and now we are returning to the direct-bookings scene, as we really enjoy the happiness that we bring to all who stay at our place.

With Covid-19 having affected Rules and Regulations within all aspects of Tourism - especially for providers of Accommodation - we would wish to make known that before any booking is made, we expect potential guests to share information about themselves (e.g. in profile description), about the trip context and the other people travelling with you, as well as about any dogs you might be bringing. This is especially important for New Guests who don't yet have any reviews.

With us both loving the cottage, and wanting everyone who stays at it to love the place as much as we both do, we hope and trust that our Guests will be equally as respectful and careful of every part of Pilton House Gower, not just because you and we care so much, but moreso because at the end of every stay, apart from the professional cleaning, change of bedding and towels etc, plus our topping up on vital necessities, we want the next Guests' who stay after you, to believe that no-one has stayed there before them; after all, that's where our strapline "Pilton House Gower - "It's all about the Quality" comes in (please look at the reviews left for us by previous Guests).

We live in: Gower, Swansea

We Speak: English

Our Work: Artist/Designer, and Poet/Photographer/Genealogist.

If you aren't able to see the dates you require, please contact us via the ENQUIRY form on our Book Now page